my new friends here at cellphone forums, here is most of what you want to know about Net10 service (i have been a customer since june 2007): you must buy a net10 phone to use their service otherwise you can't add or buy minutes via your phone. also i am sure their sim cards do not work on other providers phone models. in regards to who's towers they use, they buy time on most all providers cell networks in bulk and that is how they can charge only 10 cents per minute or portion thereof. Net10 is a division of tracfone, it only has the different 10cent rate and different phones. NOW for the kicker about net10--customer service is out of an English speaking country and although you could say that the representatives speak English, it is a gross overstatement. I can never understand their names for one and most of their words i must have repeated to clearly understand the broken attempt at English. my most recent experience with net10 CSR dept has me leaving their horrible excuse for a cellphone company. after losing my phone i called the company a day later to have my phone disabled. they never did! my phone was returned 11 days later with a complete $30 (300 minutes) eaten up by whoever found the phone and the phone was still ON!!! they finally turned it off a complete month later and not only turned off the phone but disabled the sim card also. this required them to send me a new sim card-another two week wait! once i got the new sim card, i called t0 have the sim card activated only to find out that the phone number i have had for almost two years is now unavailable. so in summ, their negligence cost me a $30 phone card, my phone number, two and half weeks without a phone, and the time i must now spend contacting all my friends, family and work associates as well as customers to inform them of my new number! SO IF I WERE YOU I WOULD GO TO BOOSTMOBILE ($50/month-unlimited calls, text, walkietalkie, and web use) if you use more than 300 minutes amonth. ANYBODY BUT NET10!!!!!!!

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