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    I was just curious of what exactly is shown in the phone records? Its been awhile since I've reviewed the ones my phone company sends me. But if someone was to have some of my information and pull my cell phone records, How much info would it show? I know times and numbers of outgoing calls are shown, but what about incoming calls and texts?

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    Re: Content of Cell Phone records?

    Every phone company is different with their cell statements.

    Most will show the phone number called; duration of the call; and cost if there is any.
    As for incoming, they usually show the time the call was received, number is usually shown as "Incoming Call"; duration; and cost if there is any. There are very few statements that actually show the incoming caller ID information, such as phone number.

    Text messaging is a whole nother game. If you are on a max-per-month text messaging plan, such as 1000 total text messages; then you may see something like "597 of 1000 used".
    Unlimited texting usually doesn't show the number of messages sent or received; sometimes just a total.

    The statement itself won't show any other information, such as numbers text'd (unless there was a fee associated with it, like some SMS services charge (IE- Jokes a day, ring tone sites).

    Now, for the part of the question itself that I think you were trying to get at originally, if someone tries to pull your call and text history.
    By default, text messages are very secure. They go from your phone, through the cellular system and to the recipients phone. Most cellular systems have it setup where messages are saved in their system for 90 days.
    For anyone to want to gain access to those logs, they need a court order, from something like a federal or police investigation. Law Enforcement personnel are the only ones who can request this information, and a lot of cellular companies still don't release it.

    Can I call up your cellular provider, give them your name and phone number, and get a complete history of your calls or text messages. No, no way, no how.

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