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    I was a registered user a long time ago -- but apparently my record was deleted due to not being used.

    I just waded through the insane maze of "security" nonsense that now "protects" this website -- including no way to verify whether your account still exists without getting locked out for entering an invalid user id and password -- then fighting with a captcha system that uses the most unreadable font I have seen any webmaster ever choose (I know of several serious websites that use captcha, and none of these serious systems use a deliberately unreadable font just to screw with people, like this site does) -- then fight past the captcha saying the text entered is wrong even when it is right -- finally re-register and discover that after all that useless crap, the site doesn't even bother to confirm the email address given in registration -- what a joke!

    Then I find that the site now requires everyone to enter at least five totally useless drivel posts to the forums before doing anything on the site.

    Well, I guess that I won't be doing anything on the site -- because I am not going to waste my time any further on this juvenile farce of a website. There are enough well-run cellphone forum sites available, that I don't need to play around on one run by some kiddie klowns who want to make themselves feel important.

    I figure this post will be gone tomorrow -- but I will be gone now -- and I won't be back so I really don't care that the kiddie webmaster is certainly going to ban me from his precious website.

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    Re: First and last post

    Hello n4aof,

    The valuable feedback you have given has provided the site administrators with information on how the user(s) feel about the site.

    This site includes several security measures that helps prevent this site from being a victim of some serious spam. The 5 post limit prevents users from registering and abusing the features available. The high end privileges available on this site are meant for high end contributing users. This site doesn't charge regular users for anything, therefore it is only fair that they contribute to this site in some way.

    Once again, your feedback will appear on this site for the site administrators to review. If you feel that the poor experiences you have experienced so far are only minor, feel free to become an active member of this site.

    Thank You,
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    Re: First and last post

    Wow... There's gratitude for ya.

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