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    Cell Phone
    Samsung Intensity SCH-u450 Grey
    I am just wanting some input on Amplifiers & Repeaters for cell phones.
    I am wanting to buy one because we go camping during the summer a lout and the cell phones in that area don't work all that good the signals are on and off so being now most of the newer cell phones don't have a external antenna jack you have to get a repeater or amp.
    So I am wanting to know what are the best ones out there that people that have tried that work good in bad signal area's it has to be the ones that don't have a direct connection to the phone.
    I have even thought of the ones that have the Velcro ones that go on the back of the phone how good are them?
    Any input please.
    Thank you.

    See More: Cell phone Amplifiers&Repeaters

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    Re: Cell phone Amplifiers&Repeaters

    Very good Post ,now I am also searching for same......

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