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    I am new to this forum & have some questions.
    Does anyone currently use ingram micro for sourcing?

    For example on blackberry phones, what kind of discounting, can one obtain with their business account?

    Just trying to glean if membership will be worth it for our company etc. We do a really large volume of BB phones.

    I have looked through the topics on the matter of sourcing but am still confused as the how of locating the distributors for BB in bulk [think size 1000/pc on a monthly basis].

    Any & all help is appreciated.

    See More: Wholesale Distributors

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    Re: Wholesale Distributors

    The little I know about Ingram Micro is only mixed reviews.

    But if you are looking for other supply options, you can a list of cell phone distributors at Wholesale Cell Phone and Accessory Directory

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