ok so I'm ending my contract with virgin tomorrow because my phone sucks and its time to get a new one... so if i stay with virgin it only will cost me $10 to upgrade to a smart phone, or $50 to a normal phone... sooo i would prefer to go i phone lol

$50 per month
200 anytime minutes
unlimited evenings and weekends
500 MB data
Unlimited text
3 year contract
iphone= $99.99

$40 per month
100 minutes
unlimited national wide family calling
100 MB data
unlimited nights and weekends
voice mail
unlimited text
3 year
iphone= 49.99
(oh if i go for anything other than virgin it is $100 to end my contract now)

500MB data + unlimited social networking (facebook, twitter etc)
unlimited text
call display
visual voicemail
iphone= $99.99
(i dont really plan on doing much calling)

or theres also the unlimited rogers student plan
$50 per month
500MB + social networking
unlimited text
unlimited local calling for 3 months
300 minutes
plus my5 canada wide free text and calling

plus rogers has that thing where they replace ur phone if u break it so im kinda leaning towards them but im not sure yet...

im a student, living between belleville and bancroft ontario... mostly do text but i miss my internet when im in the croft lol so the data would be good

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