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    My son is leaving with the Air Force to be stationed in So Korea. We currently have Verizon phone service, who do not offer any service in So Korea. All they can say is that if he uses his phone it is a 1.99 a minute and .50 per text. Or they do offer that he can suspend his service for 24 months. ATT also, does not offer any service.
    T Mobile told my son they have a phone Samsung galaxy, that he could get and use there. He only needs wifi and can use the phone for free.

    Does anyone know about this? I need to get this information asap and to be honest, disgusted in how difficult it is to find. I would think anyone in the military would be having the same issue and I certainly cannot be the first.

    Thank you for anyone that has advice.

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    Re: So Korea cell service

    No domestic carrier offers its own service in a foreign country. You would have to roam on the foreign country's network. There are no GSM carriers in South Korea. You would need a phone which receives UMTS on the 2100 MHz band if you have service with AT&T Mobility or T-Mobile. Do not expect to find free Wi-Fi service in South Korea. Verizon has CDMA roaming with selected carriers in South Korea if you have certain handsets. I would advise your son to purchase international prepaid long distance calling cards and use public telephones.
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