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    Sure, Walmart Family Mobile has only been on the scene approximately 10 months now, and it is actually powered by T-Mobile , which may be gobbled up by AT&T, but this forum needs to either list WFM as a carrier, or at least a permanently linked sub-section of T-Mo (at least until we figure out what's going to happen with the proposed merger).

    There is really no one-stop place on the Web for information regarding WFM, other than, of course, A section devoted to the service just might benefit prospective customers, as well as bring traffic to the site.

    I am waiting to write a review on the service (and this site would be my preference). What do you think?

    See More: Walmart Family Mobile needs to be added
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    Re: Walmart Family Mobile needs to be added

    Usually we only add forums as the need arises. For example, if there is an abundance of threads that relate specifically to walmart mobile, we would create a new forum and move those topics. In the meantime you can post any questions relating to the topic in the General Service Provider forum.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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