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    Site won't allow me to post (even preview) my 1st post, in General Cell Phone Forum.
    I read all the no-no's - don't think I broke any.
    It's a plain Jane post - no URLs, images, profanity, ads - nothing.

    Just asking for suggestions for phones, based on my personal needs.
    I mentioned my old phone brand & wireless provider - that's about it for names. Gave my price range.
    Tried it in Firefox & IE. IE is wide open - blocking nothing, unless the site requires 3rd party cookies.

    But it obviously let me post here?

    When I log in, it says "you may post new threads."
    in the welcome email, didn't ask to confirm my registration.

    Sent a PM to the mod of General Cell Phone w/ copy of post.

    Any ideas?

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    Saima Arif
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    Re: 1st post denied - no rules broken

    i think.. you need to post 10 post then you can post links, pictures etc...
    check it with forum rules..

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    Re: 1st post denied - no rules broken

    Text automatically translated from: French to: English
    I talked to my old phone brand & wireless service provider - as for the names. Has given my price range.
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