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  1. Fixed error with post editor
  2. Phone Database update
  3. Addition of Facebook, Google and Twitter icons
  4. CPF Search feature improved
  5. Cell Phone Forums Overhauled
  6. Win a $50 Amazon.com gift card for following CPF on Twitter or liking on Facebook
  7. Cell Phone Forums Moderators
  8. News: Helpful Post Contest - Win $100 Amazon.com gift card!
  9. How-to: >>>Unlock Code requests
  10. News: CPF Mobile now in the Android Market
  11. CPF Mobile now in the iTunes store
  12. Cell Phone Forums at CES
  13. Phone Database updates
  14. Cell Phone Forums gets slight restyle
  15. Cell Phone Forums will pay for yet to be seen phone pics
  16. Slow loading or can't log in?
  17. News: The Helpful Post Contest Is Back! - Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Enter Now!
  18. Cell Phone Forums Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android, Nokia)
  19. An article on cellphoneforums.net and the creator
  20. CPF now multilingual
  21. New Facebook Features - how to get a CPF box in your profile
  22. Redesigned Cell Phone Review section
  23. Cell Phone Application Database
  24. New Phone Database Enhancements
  25. New Logo and Header comment thread
  26. Helpful Posts number in your posts
  27. 10% off, 15% off and Free Shipping on Cell Phone Accessories
  28. Cell Phone Forums uses post rating system - helps users find what they're looking for
  29. Helpful Post Contest - Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Enter Now!
  30. Cell Phone Forums on Twitter
  31. Option to remove left menu added
  32. Phone Database Updated
  33. Post rating now gets you CPF $
  34. New Blackberry Storm and Curve Forums
  35. RSS Feeds Fixed
  36. Cell Phone Forums Mobile Site
  37. CPF Updated
  38. Vendors Subscription
  39. CPF Nominated for Board on the Month on vbulletin.org
  40. CPF Now On New Servers
  41. Feature Store Items Fixed
  42. Facebook Worm: Adobe System Inc.'s Flash is out of date...DO NOT OPEN!!!
  43. CPF Google Search
  44. CPF Connects with Facebook
  45. RSS Feeds Fixed
  46. Navigation Menu Added + Homepage Updates
  47. HTC G1 Forum Added
  48. Recent Spam
  49. Blog software updated
  50. Videos Embeded into threads...
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