Yes, it's one of the most talked about phones at the moment. And, so I think there should be a thread where all of the information we have about it can be posted. I will be updating this thread as I find new information. If you feel I should add something, send me a Private Message with the URL.

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Official Site:

Try The Phone:

http://(Also contains videoclips)htt...004/26_01.shtm (Italian) (Czech, link to photos at bottom)

Reviews: (German, also contains videoclips)

Pictures: (Click on the pictures to view the smaller version, to scroll forward click on the red right arrow at the top right above the photo)


Release dates:

UK - The Sony Ericsson K700i is now available from the O2 UK webshop!
21st June - Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile - Before July.

Carphone Warehouse confirmed in an email today (10-06-04), that the phone will be available to buy instore by the end of June.

I don't know about other Networks in the UK yet, will update when I find out.

Online Manual

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
  • How much memory does the K700 have?

Sony Ericsson originally said 32 MB, it has not been pushed up to 41MB after 3rd party software has been installed by Networks.

  • Can you listen to the Radio through the speaker?

Yes, but the headset has to be connected first as this is used as an antenna for the FM Radio. Once the headset is connected, the option for playing through loudspeaker is possible. MP3's can also be played through the loudspeaker - the headset is not required.

  • Does the K700 have a megapixel camera?

No - VGA (0.3 Megapixel). If you want a megapixel cameraphone from Sony Ericsson then wait for the S700 (). Sony Ericsson have added a feature that enables you to take Megapixel resolution photos with the K700 through the interpolation method similar to the one seen on the T630. The result is actually very respectable.

  • What is the RF/reception like on the K700?

All reviews indicate that the RF has improved when compared to the T610/30.

  • Does the K700 support cusomisable SMS alert tones?

Apparently not. It is possible that the final product will support them, but don't count on it. There are 6 possible different SMS alert tones as in the T630.

  • Does the K700 sync. up to a PC?

Yes, with Microsoft Outlook. The K700 can even be used as a remote to change slides in Microsoft Powerpoint.

  • Does the K700 support reoccuring events in the Calendar?

Reviews indicate that you can't. But again, it is still possible that this function will appear in the finished item.

  • Can you record video with the K700?

Yes, with sound, in 3GP format. There is no time limit, the only limit to the length of your video is the memory capacity. The option to have limited video is present however, this is so that you can send videos by MMS.

  • What does the 'i' stand for in the K700i?

K700 is the generic name for the K700.
K700c stands for K700china, and is for K700's in China.
K700i stands for K700international and is for K700's in the rest of the world, including all of Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

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