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    Hi. I just recently bought my T-637...and I dont get it..After 12 hrs..it's already reducing slowly. Any ideas what is wrong? or if anything is wrong at all?

    After 30hrs the battery is already showing Yellow. How long does it take to get it down to the Yellow part? I feel like I may have messed up its charging when I first bought it. I use it w/light talking ..and I've been playing around with it.

    The specs show that Im suppose to have a long battery life. Please help. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    They say you can have your phone on standby for up to 315.00 hours on the SE website. The key words there are up to.

    That's if your battery is brand new, you make no call, have bluetooth off, and essentially have the phone on the screen saver the whole time. Oh, and the phones not physically moving around.

    Realistically, itíll probably last about 2-3 days without recharging.

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