Hello All,

First time posting on ANY forum!

I've been looking for a new phone but I'm tired of carrying around 2 boxes i.e. cell phone, (Motorola V60), and PDA, (Palm 5X). After significant research, I've decided to buy the P910a. Looks like an exciting unit that should take care of my needs +++. Problem is...it's not readily available here in the Toronto area. I'll be in the LA area on business at the end of the month, (Oct. '04.)

Can anybody give me an idea where I can pick one up? Preferably in the LAX, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Redondo Beach area.

I have found it over the WWWeb for slightly over US$830.00 so that is an option, but I would prefer to walk in and pick one up.

Any help from you folks would be appreciated.

Just to further reinforce the stereotype...G'DAY, EH!


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