I'm really desperate here. I've tried everything. I have an unlocked T39m, a Dell Axim X5, and Tmobile Pay as you Go service currently. I'm trying to use the phone as a modem, and dial up to a dialup ISP provider. I have paired the devices via bluetooth, and they communicate with each other. But when it comes time to make the call, the Pocket PC tells the phone to do it, then phone says "dialing", and then immediatly disconnects. This isnt a bluetooth problem either because it does exactly the same through the infared port. I CAN connect to TMobile GPRS by doing the *99#, and it shows I connect but I cant load a web page. After I disconect, the phone shows there were bytes sent and reciever, but I cant surf the net at all. Lets try this in stages. Right now, I just want the phone to dial a number successfully through the pocket pc. My home number would be fine. Then we can work on connecting to the Internet. Can someone PLEASE help me???


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