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    Phone history: 1 year old, cingular, east tennessee, dropped in pool a month or two ago (don't think that has to do with current issues), sent in for repair, they said "no it's water damaged" but when I got back the phone it worked whereas upon my shipping to them it did not work (not to mention the LCD did not have any dead pixels like before). Worked fine for a month or so, a week or so ago I opened it up to fix the joystick and shortly afterwards the reception has gone downhill.

    When I make or receive a call, I get "hiss." It happens more if I move the phone against my head. I also on average get fewer bars. I'm thinking that it has to do with the internal antenna maybe not getting a good contact on the circuit board of the phone or perhaps the antenna is damaged. I'm going to open it up again tonight, dust it out with canned air, and reseat the antenna, but I was wondering if any of you knew of other things I should check out first. Anything that I should try? The phone has been fantastic and I'd like to keep it, but not at the rate it's going.

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    Your phone's a dud man. Sorry to say, u need to get a new one!

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