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    Hey Guys, i am new to the cellphone world i was wondering is there anyway that one could change the message alert tone to a personal one on the sony ericsson k700i because the message alert tones that come with the phone are junk

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    Guess what You can change the 6 sms alert tones NOW! you have to have a T28 Unlock cable (dsc-11) and 1 credit for use with the Total Multi-server software.

    when you flash the phone with unbranded firmware you have the options to:
    -add up to 6 customized sms alert tones (these can be any midi file)
    -change the camera shutter noise to any midi tone you want! (also have the option to just remove the camera shutter noise.
    -of course you'll also remove all the annoying carrier customizations off the phone and upgrade it to the latest firmware at the same time.

    all this can be done with 1 credit!

    this special benefit of using flashing your phone with the total multi-server software is available on all new SE phones: k700i and later...so all you folks who wanted to change your sms tones on the s710a, or on the k750i can do so (k750i users must use either a dcu-60 cable or a new 2in1 TMS cable to flash their phones)

    for more information on this subject you can check out:

    good luck and make sure to post your results!

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