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    Hi there.

    Any one knows how i could sent my text sms from my Z800i phone to my computer.There are a few nice text sms in my phone that i don't wanna deleted and i realize that the fone is requesting me to delete a few of my sms as there is insufficient space and if anyone who knows if there is a particular software that i can use for the transportiung, pls tell me.I am greatful even for the slightest help from anyone out there.

    Thank u so much........

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    Re: How to sent text sms from W800i to my computer

    Quote Originally Posted by shivarulez
    Regards to the above msg, I was supposed to type Z800i but i am not sure why i typed it as W800i.Sorry about that..
    I fixed it for you.

    A possibility that wouldn't require any special software would be forwarding the sms messages to your email address. Might want to give that a try,otherwise sit tight and hopefully someone will come along soon and make a better suggestion.

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