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    Hi id otn know exactly were to put this but sooo....

    I had a SE t290 but it got waterdamaged... so instead of buying the same one, i bought a tri band unlocked phone from a store on ebay. SE t616. its cingular branded but unlocked. so i put my sim card in and everything went fine... except i dont have a network. the frequencies are 850/1800/1900 so i woul image it would work. is there a certian way i need to set everything up, install or maybe progeam something.. im not too sure..any help would be apriated.. thkns

    See More: t290 (fido) to t616 ("cingular" -unlocked)

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    Re: t290 (fido) to t616 ("cingular" -unlocked)

    This might help

    - Connect Using: Fido GPRS
    - IP Address:
    - Advanced:
    o Home Page: Fido (MOBILE INTERNET)
    o Second Account:
    o User ID: fido
    o Password: fido WAP
    o Security: Off
    o Show Pictures: On
    - APN: Should this be "wap.fido.ca" or "internet.fido.ca"
    - User ID: fido
    - Password: fido
    - Password Request: off
    - Allow Calls: Automatic
    - IP Address: Blank
    - DNS Address: Blank
    - Advanced Settings:
    o Authentication: Normal
    o Data Compression: Off
    o Header Compr: Off
    - Connect Using: Fido GPRS
    - Protocol: POP3
    - Incoming Server: pop.hotpop.com
    - Incoming Port: 110
    - Mailbox: [email protected]
    - Password: ********
    - Outgoing Server: gprs.fido.ca
    - Outgoing Port: 25
    - Email Address: [email protected]
    - Download: Headers Only
    - From Name: Frank
    - Signature: No Signature
    - Copy Outgoing: Off
    - Check Internal: 5 minutes

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    Re: t290 (fido) to t616 ("cingular" -unlocked)

    I found how to enter the wap settings, but cant find how to put the gprs in..also the wap settings are not working for me... I don know if its caus eim in canada, or what... ? sorry asking these newbie questions but if i oculd find this in the search feature or even goolgle i would use it... thanks again.
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