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    a friend of mine is selling me his w810i he bought in the philipines and selling really cheap too.. he bought it not knowing his wife bought him the same thing so he wants to get rid of one.. it come with all the accesories (charger, USB cable, software, etc.) and i talked him down to $200.. i have cingular and i think i can pop my sim card in there; but i have a few questions:

    1- is 200 bones a good deal?
    2- will my cingular sim card work?
    3- is there anyway i can download music off of kazaa, limewire, etc. to put on my phone?
    4- is the video recorder good quality along with the camera?

    thanks alot


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    Re: Hello guys im new


    $200 is a good price i paid $100 after my rebate from cingular the video quality is excellent to me you can take up to 1 minute videos see my post "how to import music into a w810i walkman phone" for your question about music downloading, there may be other methods but this is 1 that i found worked through trial and error i love this phone i just got a case from KRUSELL yesterday that's really well designed it's the urban multidapt model check KRUSELL out online it's a great case

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    Re: Hello guys im new

    1. $200 is a good price
    2. Yes, your Cingular SIM card will work. Just get the internet and MMS settings through the SE website.
    3. Directly?...no. You can transfer from your pc.
    4. Well, it's not digicam if that's what you're getting at, so you can't expect much from it. However, it is better than most camera phones.

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