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    Hello all i have googled called my cell phone isp (rogers) even went to a bunch of local dealers and i cannot for the love of gad find a solution to this problem.

    I have installed Dictonary for MID's a great little piece of java software but it requires the chinese font to be installed on my phone. The program works great but i get little squares instead of chinese charaters. The guy at the DFMID's site said that is a good sign the phone seems to be processing storing and reading the required info just needs the font to display it.

    I have entered a message in the forum at Dictionary for mids website and another on cedict site which is where Dictionary for mids came from. I have also entered a post to the sony erricson developer site but no one seems to be able/willing to help.

    Please someone on this fourm be able to help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Chinese fonts on k790a

    try flashing the firmware to HK version via wotanserver.com

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