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    I am interested in achieving information on the availability of this model Sony Xperia Go, that launch in europa and asia, and expect to achieve it for his use in Panama, in america central. Have understood, but am not 100% insurance that changed of name, of Sony Xperia Go, to Sony Xperia advance (think that is this). I wish to know if somebody of the respected forum can give me greater lights of this and on his acquisition.
    It interests me since it is it approves of water, dust and caidas, am lover of the sport of the fishing, and taenia a samsung galaxy II and sucumbio to the humidity, drown fishing, being in a protective supposition against hit and water, but did not go like this and remain out of breath by this fact. Looking for and looking for me encontre gift this new model of the Sony that by his caracteristicas and cost seems me the personnel to achieve, thus I am in his busqueda, today between friends. Colosoma Panama. I am new in the forum, greetings

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    Re: Sony Xperia Go or advance in america

    I want to buy a

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