Calendar Features

Accessing the Calendar App and Viewing Multiple Calendars:

  1. From the home screen, tap the "Apps" icon
  2. Browse and select "Calendar"
  3. Tap "Day", "Week" or "Month" to view the calendar in different modes
  4. To view multiple calendars, tap the menu button while in the Calendar view. (The menu button is depicted as three vertical dots)
  5. Tap the calendars that you wish to view

Creating a New Calendar Event:

  1. Access the Calendar app from the App Drawer (or from the home screen)
  2. Tap the "add new" icon depicted as a "+" symbol
  3. Type-in the name of the event, select a location, description and time as you desire
  4. Additionally, you can tap "More options" and set-up a reminder for the event by tapping the "+" icon
  5. Tap "Done" when ready

Note: To change the Calendar settings, access the Calendar app, press the menu button and go to "Settings"

Alarm Clock Features

Opening the Alarm Clock and Setting a New Alarm:

  1. Tap the "Apps" icon located on the home screen
  2. Select "Alarm & clock"
  3. Tap "Add alarm", then tap "Time" and adjust your alarm by scrolling down or up
  4. Press "Done" when ready, and edit various other alarm settings as you see fit
  5. Tap "Done" once more to set up the alarm

Editing an Existing Alarm:

  1. Access the "Alarm & clock" app
  2. Select the alarm that you wish to edit
  3. Tap "Time" to set up a different time by scrolling up and/or down
  4. Press "Done". As before, you can edit various other alarm settings
  5. Tap "Done" again when ready

Deleting an Alarm:

  1. Access the "Alarm & clock" app
  2. Tap and hold the alarm that you wish to delete
  3. Select "Delete alarm" then tap "Yes" to confirm

Setting up a Ringtone and Activating / Deactivate the Vibrate Function for Your Alarm:

  1. In the "Alarm & clock" application, tap the alarm that you wish to set a ringtone to
  2. Select "Advanced alarm settings"
  3. Unckeck the "Style settings" checkbox
  4. Tap "Alarm sound" then select the desired ringtone and press "Done"
  5. Tap "Done" once again

Note: To activate or deactivate vibrations for your alarm, Follow the first 2 steps then mark or unmark the "Vibrate" checkbox

Make Your Alarms Audible While the Phone is in Silent Mode:

  1. Access "Alarm & clock" from the app drawer
  2. Select the desired alarm
  3. Tap "Advanced alarm settings"
  4. Tap the "Alarm in silent mode" checkbox to mark it, then press "Done"

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