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    Hi all
    I hope an expert see this, and can help getting my vintage SONY-ERICSSON s312 back to 'life'.
    I have lost the orr. charger ..stepped on it :|. So i charge in my computer, with the shipped USB-charge cable.
    This works fine, but only if the phone can be set to either pict-brigde, or camera-album.
    But something went wrong. It was placed for charging, but did not. instead it used all power, and the display turned red!
    I have had this happen once before, but it is years ago. There is a KEY-COMBO that has to be made, and the battery has to be out, afai remember..
    It is this KEY-COMBO is hope someone knows!
    It is NOT the factory-reset combo, it is a special "charger-recover" combo. TYIA!

    See More: Vintage phone s312 cant charge (Unknown charger)
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