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    I have a website dedicated to bringing back one of the BEST Logo's in Sports... Please take a minute to sign my petition: Just Imagine if the Packers changed their logos... wouldnt be good right?? even if you don't like the brewers you can understand how it would feel if your favorite team took your logo away

    Look at this Logo:
    Notice how the Glove has the "m" and "b" of the Milwauke Brewers in the logo, definatly one of the most creative logo's ever.
    take a minute to sign the petition.

    See More: Be Part of Sports History!! Take a Look!!
    sign my petition:

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    I signed that petition shizznit LoL...but i dont get what ur saying

    So u like the MB logo and u dont want it to change...n e wayz, i signed for u
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