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    I have been into MMA for a very long time. Since I'm almost 30 now, and I can't really box anymore, so MMA would give me a chance to compete again. But I have noticed more and more now that MMA is becoming so powerful, that many of the fans are worthless.
    Example. I was on an MMA forum where people were saying how Chuck Liddell was going to beat Evens into the ground. He was going to knock him out. Then when Chuck lost, those very same fans came back to the forum and said things like "Chuck is finished!", "Chuck is a loser, he needs to retire!", "Chuck is such a punk now even I could beat him!". These types of fans are everywhere, but in MMA there just seems to be way more of them. I have watched the hyping, wins, loses, then bashings of every single marquee fighter in every major MMA group that hosts events on TV. Now the UFC is doing their stupid, Best Pound-for-Pound claim with Anderson Silva; Who I really don't like by the way. And the fans love him. And I will bet money that once he loses his title, those fans will put him down so fast that you wouldn't even imagine they were once fans. And with these fans, it is only about who is on top now. My favorite fighter of all time is Don Frye, and it has remained that way. But these newbies don't understand anything about the sport, the loyalty, or how to just keep their mouth shut; when they know they couldn't fight those guys in real life.

    I guess it just bothers me because loyalty is big with me. It's not just a word, it's my actions. But does anyone else here love MMA, and is sick of seeing their favorite fighters being bashed when they happen to lose, even just 1 fight?

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    Re: Anyone Else Hate Coin-Toss MMA Fans?

    I understand what your saying, but, every sport is going to have those fans. It's just that since MMA is sky rocketing lately and is new to everyone that people still have the mentality that (ex) the bigger guy will always win.
    Its just something were all going to have to deal with for quite the time

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    Re: Anyone Else Hate Coin-Toss MMA Fans?

    People are like that...that's our's bad for any sport
    I still like Cro Cop even though he is not in the best shape, but I'm big fan of his and I'll always be

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    Re: Anyone Else Hate Coin-Toss MMA Fans?

    yes offcourse

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    Re: Anyone Else Hate Coin-Toss MMA Fans?

    Now you can add Frank Trigg to the list, and why not? Dana has often said his favorite fight in UFC history was Hughes / Trigg 2. So why wouldn’t he give Frank a chance for one more go at things? I doubt he’ll get too far (especially if he ends up fighting Josh Koscheck as rumored), but at least he has the opportunity make enough coin off his stay that he won’t have to fight on Native reservations until he’s 50 (like some other guys I can think of).

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