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    Hi Guys have you heared about the satellite-tv-player. I've seen similar sources sold on eBay but this one is way better. I love to watch Sports channels. You know i got more than 100 Sports channels from different countries including my fav ESPN, CCTV, Fox Sports, NFL and many channels. Actually i used to be a best Cricket Player of my school. But i got an accident and I got Problem in my hand and I quit. I am crazy about Cricket. My fav team is South Africa Whenever i watch the cricket Players on tracks i miss myself there.Well Those who are interested in watching Live channels should try it at

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    Re: Watch Live Sports chanenls in PC

    Hello Shawn,

    I checked the website too and I gave this PC TV software a try. Pretty good. Finally something decent among a lot of junk! Got my Fav Sports Channels. Thanks for your tips, Keely

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    Re: Watch Live Sports chanenls in PC

    yes it works fine! thanks

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    Re: Watch Live Sports chanenls in PC

    just came across your post regarding satellite tv media player 2008, I take it you do not work for this company?
    Is the quality of the channels really up to scratch, are these channels up to date, can you watch ie new series HBO the wire HBO Sports etc?

    More important are you using a PC or laptop, whats the quality resolution like ? do you hook your machine up to a LCD?

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