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    The sprint people at all locations seem to be either lazy or try to keep under wraps when it comes to software updates for a sprint phone. whenever i attempt to get an update by asking, they seem to act like its a top secret investigation, "where did you hear this?", "from who?". i'm like is this really that serious?. and then sometimes they'll say "no" there aren't any updates. but i try another place and this guy was nice and said this update came out awhile ago. anybody have this kind of problem? sprint should notify ppl but i guess they want you to buy new phones for newer updates.

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    Sprint is notorious for that. They have done that to me in the past. I can't say if its because they are half-ass informing thier employees, or if some employees just don't want to go through the hastle. It sounds more though like they are just missinformed...some employees are kept up-to-date, and some are left behind to fend for thier own knowledge. All I know is that I hate calling SprintPCS tech support...getting the average "your estimated wait time is: 45 minutes", just so I can talk to somone that either blows me off, or says "I don't know...here let me transfer you to somone who might" so I can get the same asnwer. I am lucky enough to have a 3rd party employee account thanks to my work, so I tend not to complain too much about it....its just too hard to ignore and forget about -_^

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    Try this web sight to find out about Sprint phone updates. It's pretty useful.

    Sprint PCS Firmware Tracker

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    ahh... much incorrect communication goings on in the way of software updates to the devices.

    First off, on 90% of the devices there is only 1 software update released.

    Don't confuse software updates with PRL's PRL's are just to determine what channels the phones search for.. they mostly deal with roaming changes.. so if you have as least 10018.. you are fine...

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