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    ive seen dem doing dis already please email me anybody dat knows bout dat 2: dwnsouf7(AT)hotmail(DOT)com... i got a sprint A900 phone.

    mod edit: posting your email address in a public forum is a good way to get yourself added to hundreds of spam mail lists. notice the way i changed the format to fool the search bots and spiders that browse the web collecting data.

    See More: coNverting SPRINT fones 2 METROPCS
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    Re: coNverting SPRINT fones 2 METROPCS

    Note: If you go tampering with a phone's hardware and software to trick it into working on a different network, you're likely to have problems with the phone. It's not a good idea to tamper with CDMA phones. Check out the following thread to find out more about the subject:


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