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    like for example t-mobile's is ur [email protected] there any way i can email a sprint pcs phone

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    Re: Does sprint phone numbers use and email address?

    Why, yes there is. But I don't use my Sprint email and it doesn't alert me to new email unless I sign into the Vision home page. My wap homepage is google, so if you emailed my phone I might not get it for a long time! This is confusing and it's why I don't use my phone's email addresses. There is one for EMAIL, one for Picture Mail, and one for SMS. The latter two will have notifications or alerts on the phone, but if you actually use the first address I give you, the email, it just depends on if they sign into that page, and I don't think many people use their Sprintmail. I have sent some pretty long emails to the picture mail address before...

    email: 10 digit number @ sprintpcs.com
    pix mail: 10 digit number @ pm.sprintpcs.com
    sms: 10 digit number @ messaging.sprintpcs.com

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