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    I have service through sprint pcs my phone is a samsung A920 and I was wondering if it would work in europe,more specifically england? Since sprint's phones don't use sim cards is there anyway to prepay for minutes and run up a huge bill?

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    Re: Will my sprint pcs phone work in europe?

    Sprint is a CDMA provider and Europe is predominantly GSM. There are a few European countries that provide CDMA international roaming, but for the most part you will have problems finding CDMA service and will probably be "analog roaming" most of the time (and that's only if your Sprint phone includes the AMPS band for analog service and the country you're in still supports AMPS). I recommend buying the cheapest prepaid phone you can find with the European GSM bands (900/1800mhz) and when you get to your destination country, buy some prepaid SIM cards at a convenience store. This is by far cheaper than paying Sprint for international roaming and your service will be much more reliable, since analog is horrible and CDMA is a rarity in Europe.

    EDIT: More specifically, England is a no-go (the A920 has no AMPS band and the UK has no CDMA service)! While in the UK the best way to go is either O2 or T-Mobile, both have reliable prepaid services in England.
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    Re: Will my sprint pcs phone work in europe?

    Some phones need an international chip of some sort. If you are going to be going out of the country and want to take your cell phone I would call Sprint ASAP and talk to their international roaming team. Another side note: With the recent terror situation, you may not be able to take your cell phone on a plane anyways.

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    Re: Will my sprint pcs phone work in europe?

    Sprint sells (or has sold in the past) phones that have CDMA & GSM transceivers in one phone, designed for the International traveller who is based out of the US. From what I can remember though, the phones were larger, more expensive, and not very attractive.

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