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    I have had terrible experiences with Sprint. For some reason, I went back for a second contract (I was a user in 2000.)

    However, this time I was able to get the Better Business Bureau involved. Basically, I moved and they swore my phone would work in this new area. But it didn't. Sprint gave me NO reception. A quick BBB complaint, with supporting info, got me out of my contract and I actually got a $2 check from Sprint (not much, but hey.)

    Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. If your complaint has merit, the BBB WILL get involved.

    See More: The BBB helped me with Sprint!

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    Re: The BBB helped me with Sprint!

    I too complained to the BBB. I'm still waiting for a response back, Sprint has a horrible BBB record and is the worse company I have ever done business with (including the IRS). If you want to read my story just do a search for "Sprint Disgraceful" on this forum and it should pop up. A lot of people didn't like how long the story was but it was the shortest I could sum up 5 years of abuse from Sprint.

    EDIT : Adding the link to my thread http://cellphoneforums.net/sprint-pc...sgraceful.html
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