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    My wife's current Cingular contract is up and we are looking to move her to Sprint because that's what I've got through work. She wants to keep her existing number.

    I like what I've heard about the new v9m. Sprint is selling the phone w/ contract for 249.99. Amazon is selling it w/ contract for $99.99. Numerous sellers, all with very high positive feedback, are selling the v9m for $0.99.

    All of the sellers seem to have the same conditions: you have to purchase a contract, and you have to be a new Sprint customer. It is somewhat confusing whether or not I can transfer an existing number.

    Anybody else bought a phone w/ contract through eBay? Is this too good to be true? I'd normally dismiss this as a scam, but it's hard to ignore the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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    Re: $0.99 v9m (w/ contract) too good to be true?

    I Bought a phone on ebay, 99 cents, but it was only 50 dollars in the store. That looks to be too big of a discount... Don't take the chance

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