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    I cancelled my contract for my Sprint cell phone back in approximately november '07, they said I couldn't pay the cancellation fee over the phone and that I would have to wait for the bill to come in the mail with the cancellation fee on it. That never came over course, just a regular bill. I called them back and asked if my contract had really been cancelled or not and they said "there must have been some mistake we'll get this taken care of asap". another month goes by and a get another bill. This time I call and pissed off, I'm still getting billed for a phone thats been shutoff for a few months now. Anyways, not its april 23rd and I'm still getting bills in the mail for a phone thats been shutoff for months. I keep calling them back and they say" ok sir, were sorry, we'll get this straightened out, the problem has now been resolved, sorry for the trouble", then I get more bills. I even have all the contract confirmation numbers and I gave them those numbers and they still wont cancel. I'm going to contact a local news station maybe, and the BBB, maybe a lawyer. Anyone else ever have this problem with sprint?

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    Re: Sprint wont let me cancel my account!

    curious, did you originally buy the plan from a 3rd party vendor? When did you first enter the contract. Has the actual bill changed at all since you 'canceled'? Something doesn't sound right.

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    Re: Sprint wont let me cancel my account!

    If the phone has been shutoff, What are they billing you for? and how much?
    What does the bill say?
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    Re: Sprint wont let me cancel my account!

    The problem could be a "billing issue" but I doubt that. The first thing you need to do is send a certified letter stating your intent to cancel the account. This way someone has to sign and you can prove that you have made every attempt to cancel the account. Another step to try is going to a local sprint store and cancel the account there directly.

    If you are wanting billing back that you paid, or is currently charged, you will have to keep calling in and asking for a supervisor. Although I doubt that you will be very far with this. Later option is small claims court ...

    Just going to the newspaper is not going to get them to drum up much unless they have had a high amount of poeple come to them. At best they might do a consumer story on it to fill in the late night news no one watches.

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    Re: Sprint wont let me cancel my account!

    If you have sutomatic bill pay with them, I'd cancel it.
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    Re: Sprint wont let me cancel my account!

    They have to let you cancel if you move out of the area to a place where it doesn't have reception. My friend moved to an island in Hawaii without reception and they let her out of the contract.

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