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    Is this fair? I renewed my contract and added another line of service when offered a plan and set of discounts that worked for me. Basically, I was offered to have the $10/month for each additional line to be waived every month so it didn't cost me extra to have the other lines. I also was given a 15% loyalty discount in addition to my employee discount. I confirmed all of this and everything looked good. I had some problems with the $10/month per line discount showing up and had to call in and get it adjusted for some of the months. This went on for about 6 months. Then I got a call asking me to renew again in exchange for a $350 discount and an additional 15% discount. I told them I already had the loyalty discount and employee discount and they said that was fine, they would add this as well. I said ok and renewed all 5 lines.

    Then I start getting bills that don't have the $10/line discount or the 15% discount or the second 15% discount. I figured they couldn't do 2 15% discounts but they should at least not have touched the one that was already there. I called about this issue and tried to get it fixed but was told that Sprint can't give me the employee discount plus the loyalty discount and they also can't give me the $10/month/line discount anymore...that they shouldn't have been given to me in the first place. That sounds so wrong! I renewed my contracts because of that offer...I don't think it's fair that I had my contracts renewed but the terms of the agreement aren't being honored. After speaking with this person for a while, we finally agreed to settle at $350 credit to cover some of the past errors (there were some other errors on my account as well) and that he would take all of lines out of contract. Well, he gave me the credit but didn't take the lines out of contract. I ahve since written and called on numerous occassions to get this fixed by him but he has not yet done so. What can I do?????

    I have been with Sprint for 10 years and really don't have any plans to leave, i just really wanted what was agreed upon to be honored...is that really too much to ask???? Why am I having so much trouble? My bill is now $50-60 more than it was and I can't afford that. It's not fair that I'm in contract now with a plan i did not agree to.

    Any help? advice? insight?

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    Re: Sprint took away discounts applied to renew???

    Get a hold of retention dept.
    Tell'em you'll go to a different carrier if they dont fix it.
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