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    Wow, after being with Sprint for TEN (10) years, I think I reached my end. I was going to upgrade my phone to the new Instinct, and upgrade my plan to the 99.00 everything. My current contract expires totally 03/09. Currently I have a 2nd phone on this family share plan, free, not the 9.99.

    I called Sprint Customer retention to inquire as to what would be available for me, and "why I should stay a customer"...The first guy I spoke to was one of the most rudest Customer reps (a supv. to boot), who essentially told me.." We don't need you, we will offer you nothing, and you will have to pay the diconnect fee on that other line..
    I spoke with his supv, better customer service, lodged a complaint, and he told me that any decision would have to be made higher than him.

    They called me back today ( while the Supv was friendly), and said under no circumstances could/would they waive the 200.00 cancellation fee on the second line. I explained that this is a NO COST line, I pay nothing for it, and I am looking to UPGRADE my PHONE and PLAN!! he understood, but said they can do nothing..

    10 years, and treated like this.. I told him they left me with 4 mos to rethink my relationship with them, and I didn't see the desire to of now..

    Amazing, I was going to upgrade, re-contract for 2 years (4 mos early), and pay for a better plan....Now they are in danger of losing a customer...And they just don't seem to care..

    Funny thing is, even though I have had them for 10 years (satisfied to a point) I cannot use my phone in my home..Signals dropped immediately.
    The first idiot wanted to give me (waive the 99.00) a signal antenna to boost my home signal....BUTTTT, it would cost 5.00 per month to use it..***..
    I laughed at him, and asked simply WHY would I do that? He had no answer..

    Just wanted to give a heads up on the tteatment of a 10 year loyal customer, whose bills are prepaid, never upgraded hardware, and never lodged any complaints..

    2 years ago, when I was gonna quit, they practically begged me to stay, offered mos incentives, etc....Maybe I'll see what happens come March.....But I have a bad taste in my mouth!!

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    Re: Hows this for thanks

    thats horrible... if you know someone that works at a sprint store they can credit your account 200.00 so when you cancel the account it will equal out to 0.. i have had to do that before

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    Re: Hows this for thanks

    I know how you feel. I have actually always had very good help with sprint. The worst thing for me was at one point I did not pay my bill to the point of my service being stopped. I had the early termination fee in collections and i called in and said that I would prefer to forget the termination fee and reactivate my phone if they would be willing to which the lady on the phone said she would. I got the ladies name and extention in case there were problems "YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO THIS"

    Everything seemed fine until the next time I called in because I had looked at my phones contract end date and it was now 2 years from when I just reactivated the phone. I told her that this was not what I wanted to do and there is no way I would have agreed to another 2 years if that was the requirement, I would have just gone to another company, especially if I was not even getting a new phone with my 2 years, that would be retarded. She appologized and was able to get everything fixed.

    Sprint is much more supportive than most companies in my experience, always get the reps name and extention though in case of problems or if you want to make sure people can see how badly they are treating you if that is the case.

    I am sorry to hear they are being so lame though, it is really pathetic that Sprint chooses to treat long time customers second to new ones who have never had any history with them.
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    If my post helped you out, I would really appreciate a little Rep, Thanks, im running beyond low.

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    Re: Hows this for thanks

    Let me get this straight for you. Every carriers out there offer you second line for free but they did not tell you that you're lock in with the 2years contract unless you ask them. Recently sprint have a big lawsuit about it how they didn't notify customers about the 2years contract. I know for fact that if you try to cancel your line they will not waive the cancellation fee for you. If you decide to upgrade your phone sprint workers can credit your account or override early upgrade for you. I know few people who work at sprint they can credit your account or give you payment credit if you upgrade your phone. Other word is that sign up for another 2years contract. I hate rude customer services and I'm sure every one out there are on the same boat. But to be honest sprint offering the best plan and service right now. DON'T ever call them if you have question or try to upgrade your phone. Always take a visit to your nearest sprint store talk to knowledge sale person or manager to get the best deal. If you order over the phone or online and decide to return or exchange good luck it can take you up to 3 months to get different phone and your money back.

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