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    hello, i got an LG RUMOR for christmas mhm.
    and i don't have internet on the phone, so i bought a
    memory chip &usb cable for the phone, to plug into my computer.
    i've used ventones to make a ringtone &downloaded it to my phone under
    the dmc. folder (i don't remember what it's called) but it's on my phone now,
    and i click options &whatever, but it doesn't have an option to set it
    as my ringtone ): does anyone know what i am doing wrong?

    thanks, muchmuch appreciated.

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    Re: need help with ringtones for LG RUMOR

    hi savannabanana,

    LG Rumor2 does not allow you to set songs from your memory card as a ringtone. They are just simply there to listen to.

    OAN: You are not doing anything wrong! =)

    ..you have to have internet to get free ringtones btw.

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    Re: need help with ringtones for LG RUMOR

    Hello, there are 2 things you can do.
    1) Logon to your service provider's website and browse available ringtones/ringers/etc.
    Find the ones you want.- download and pay the overage.
    2) Call your wireless provider and request to add a data pack for that day only. Lets say you do it on 12/25/2010 and request that service removed on 12/26/2010. Do all of your downloads on 12/25/2010 to avoid your data charges.

    Why? If your provider charges $15/month for data and there are on average 30 days per month, thats a daily rate of $.50. So you just pay $.50 for data (instead of $.03/kb in overages) and pay for your songs- often you can find bundles of 5 for $6, etc.

    Hope this helps

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    think of it this way, you spend $5-6 for one fast food meal anyway, just get the tones you want.

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