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    Hello everybody!!! Well I have a crazy story to tell but anyway I have the Sprint Touch Pro and I've been hearing you could get a replacement if you have damges to the chrome... So I called Sprint and told then about the chrome damages and at first they didnt know but then they look in the log for the TP's and saw what I was talking about so she kindly put in a order for a new one for, gave me a tracking num and told me to wait 3-5 busisness day and I waited a week, still no phone so I called and they told me my order was cancled and they put a nother back in... waited 35 days still no phone so I called back and they say yea I see you are gettin a 6800 and I like no suppose to be 6850 and he said sorry bout that and put another order in and 2 day later I get 2 extra Pros in the mail!!!

    Can I keep them, sell them? Is there a chance they would know I have these phones? Ib wait a month and see if it goes to the baccount but thanks in adavance for all the help... and Please dont tadle.

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    Re: Extra Sprint Phone In The Mail???

    I'd wait to make sure your not going to be charged for the second one and if not then keep it as a backup

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