We are offering $100 to current Sprint customers for referring a family member/friend etc. ($100 for EACH activation and a limit of 12) to start with or port over to Sprint. The person who signs up with Sprint (the person who is referred) also gets $25 for themselves and I can add on the 20% discount that I have been helping people with as well, and then then THAT person can start referring and receiving $100 for pepole THEY refer. The $100 is added to a Sprint Visa debit card (great concept) the balance on the card will reflect the money you get for singing up(as a new customer) plus the money you receive for referring people. You can spend the money on the debit cared anywhere Visa is accepted and will received it within 6-8 weeks from referral.
If you know anybody who wants to switch to Sprint, you can PM me for questions on details and for my contact information in which you can get ahold of me. One thing I will only request that you do is come back to post in this thread validatig that I helped you and to add credibility for other potential customers. Thanks!

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