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    Please be advised of a potential scam involving the 649 area code that is affecting customers of multiple U.S. wireless service providers. Calls to U.S. residents originating from the 649 area code that disconnect following only one or two rings may be part of an ongoing scam to generate costly international rate charges.

    The 649 area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan, serving the Turk & Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Despite the similar dialing format, calls from the U.S. to the Turks & Caicos are not domestic calls and will incur charges based on international rates, which may be higher.

    By discontinuing the call to a U.S. phone customer, scammers attempt to lure the customer to call back the (649) phone number appearing on a caller ID screen. The U.S. phone customer will then incur the charges that result from a connection to the 649 number.

    Sprint customers that receive calls from a 649 number should not call the number back unless they recognize the number or have reason to believe that it may come from a legitimate contact in the Turks & Caicos.

    See More: Scam Alert: 649 Area Code
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    Re: Scam Alert: 649 Area Code

    Is there a new scam using this area code going around? Someone post some info...

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