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    ok i have the samsung instinct phone and i locked it with the security code but i dont remember it....and its not the last four digits of my number please help!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Samsung Instinct Unlock Security Code

    Google search cdma workshop and download the latest demo version of it... you can also do a youtube search of "how to find instincts msl code" this will also give you your unlock code

    This is a repost from: Samsung Instinct - MSL (Merged)
    Take the SD chip out and it will connect to a com port.
    1) download demo version of CDMA WORKSHOP from http://www.cdma-ware.com (Not work on Windows Vista I tried it)

    2) Install USB Phone driver on your computer if already installed go to next step Sprint - Software Downloads - Select your device type

    3) run CDMA WORKSHOP, settings at main screen on the right are as follows
    (The phone must be connected to the computer but not as Mass Storage because never will assign the COM Port) The phone can't display Connected to Computer in the Phone display.
    You need to go to Device Manager and verify COM Ports to know the correct COM Port assigned to the Phone because each computer assign different com ports. I will use com6 as example.

    com settings (AT mode)
    Port (com6)
    Baud rate (38400)

    com settings (DM mode)
    Baud rate (115200)

    4) you should now be able to hit <connect> if it was successful you'll see in status bar <connected to com6>

    5) now click <read> after a moment all your info will come up on left panel, phone # etc
    if not display the info change to another port and repeat step 4

    6) click on security tab change the right panel setting to as follows

    Passord(16 digits)
    samsung (default)

    7)now click send if done sucessfully you'll get a popup window saying (password successful, phone unlocked)

    8)note the number under <SPC/USER LOCK> the one that flashed red, this is your MSL number( 6 digit) and is used to access the edit function under ##data# or ##3282# menus and every other hidden menu on your phone

    Is very easy process and avoid call sprint customer services
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    Re: Samsung Instinct Unlock Security Code

    how do i get my security lock code for my cell phone

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