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    Have lg rumor2 with sprint. need to have the 'roam only' but isn't avail with this phone.....can it be forced? How would I do that?

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    Re: force roam on LG Rumor2

    orry dolphin, it cannot be forced to roam. Its part of Sprint's (and all other carriers for that matter) cost reduction programs. They have to pay another carrier when you roam, so that digs into their profit margins, so most new models can't go to roam only.

    However, you can do whats called a PRL update on your phone, is stands for prefrerred Roaming list. It will load all the access info for any roaming towers within 30 miles of where you do the update. If you're having coverage issues, do this update first, it resolves about 50% of call issues. Also if you've been a Sprint customer for a while and arent ASL (account spending limit) they may be able to send you an airave to help with indoor coverage. You can check to see if its available in your area here:
    Is AIRAVE service available at this address? . Next, if you think its the phone, you can always purchase another here:, sprint phones or any others if you decide to go to another carrier. No mail in rebates and great prices.

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