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    Apparently Sprint is more than a little worried over the possibility of AT&T acquiring T-Mobile as Sprint has officially offered a press release that "urges the United States government to block" the acquisition.

    If AT&T takes over T-Mobile, that would mean that AT&T would become the largest mobile carrier in North America with an approximately 130 million customers. This believes that this would "harm consumers", reversing "nearly three decades of actions by the US government and the courts that modernized and opened US communications markets to competition.”

    Sprint has every notion to fight AT&T when it comes to acquiring T-Mobile as Sprint believes they will do everything they can to do what is right for their customers and their country, to undo the progress of the past 25 years and create a new Ma Bell duopoly.

    via: Sprint Newsroom | Sprint Opposes Proposed AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA

    See More: Sprint is wanting the U.S. government to block the acquisition of T-Mobile
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    Re: Sprint is wanting the U.S. government to block the acquisition of T-Mobile

    Whether T-Mobile remains independent of AT&T Mobility or not, the separate companies or combined companies would still be a competitor of Sprint. It might be better for Sprint if they had to compete with AT&T Mobility on prices rather than T-Mobile.

    They were singing a different tune when MCI Worldcom tried to acquire their parent company in 1999.
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    Re: Sprint is wanting the U.S. government to block the acquisition of T-Mobile

    I feel that AT&T should not acquire T-Mobile.

    This would create a HUGE monopoly which will make consumers choose either excellent coverage OR excellent pricing...there will NOT be a happy medium.

    This will cause companies like Verizon to be able to raise their prices (because AT&T will definitely raise their's after the acquisition) and Sprint would have to follow suit. There are SOME consumers that will pay whatever it takes to have the best coverage. Although the acquisition would most likely not improve the coverage for AT&T consumers, the prices are sure to go up for well.
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