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    Sprint PCS
    So, I had a brilliant idea and I was wondering if anyone here knew if it would work.

    My friend has Sprint and is not eligible for an upgrade for a year and her blackberry pooped out.

    Can I use an insurance claim (lost, broken, whatever) to get her a new phone with a clean ESN that she can activate on Sprint?

    We've tried looking on Craigslist for my phone (HTC Evo) but they are a.) SO expensive and b.) hardly any have clean ESNs so she can't use them with Sprint.


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    Re: Using insurance to get a phone for a friend?

    What you proposing is insurance fraud. Your carrier will see that the phone you claimed to have lost is in service either on your line or someone else's. Sprint has varied discounts based upon how long one has had his current phone. The cost for a basic phone might be less than the deductible on an insurance claim. Use either her entitlement or yours depending upon the total outlay.
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