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    So i have a full data plan but my phone is broken and for me to get any type of decent phone, blackberry or android, they want me to pay 10$ a month more, the only other option is to downgrade. is there any was to not pay it? because i definitely don't want to downgrade.

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    Re: Phone swap 10$/month more for data

    there is no way to avoid the charge, The massive increase in data usage over the last few years requires so much maintenance and upgrades in capacity to support the usage that today's smartphone consumes. Sprint is the only place you will get unlimited data anymore, i think you can get it at verizon but it is 30 bucks. ATT is limited to 2gb for $25 and $10 per gb after. i know i burn through data, about 6-8 gb a month, and im glad to know that my bill is going to be insane. even at 79.99 still the best deal besides prepaid

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    Re: Phone swap 10$/month more for data

    This month (August 2011) is open enrollment for TEP (Total Equipment Protection), so if you sign up for it, wait 72 hours, then either file a claim with asurion($100 deductible) Welcome Sprint Customers , or visit a service and repair center Sprint Store Locator > they'll swap you out with the same model... and according to their own policy, you'll get your own rate , but if you upgrade to a new PDA phone, you've changed the agreement.

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