Bottom line, if you're not having issues, persistence can get you about $25, a care reps limit.

If you're really having coverage issues, you may get more. Here are some helpful tips.

1) Grab a notepad. Have them check your service and tell you your quality of service (its a percentage) Typically 95% or higher is "OK" with Sprint.

2) If your quality of service is at or below 95% you might be able to get 10-15% month credit for 1-3 months. "I've had service issues for 6 months", when you "settle" for 15% for 3 months, they feel like they've negotiated you down.

3) If your service is at 90% or less, you have some real bargaining power. I'd be as bold as to shoot for the 25%, 30% or 50% of your monthly charges for 3 months.

No your #s, write them down. "Tech support told me my quality of service was: 89%, would you stay with a carrier if you had that kind of service?"
"I'm reasonable, I know you can't credit all my usage, I still used my phone, but look, its effecting my business and my life, I don't think ____% for 3 months is that unreasonable, given the position your network faults have put me in."

Be sure to ask the tech if there are any tickets opened in your area, if yes, get the ticket #, reference that. "Look, Sprint's aware of the issue, they have a ticket # assigned to it, its ______, so somehow its my fault your tower isn't working? I think a credit is called for"

"Have I resolved your issue today" "That would be a no, can I speak to your supervisor"
Just be sure not to go ohigh up if your #s don't show an issue. A rep may be willing to give you $25 to get you off of their line, but a supervisor who digs in deeper may void the offer that you "declined from my rep" when you go up the ranks. And if the rep tells you it may take 3-5 days to hear back, thats not a lie, its normal process, it means its an adjustment amount higher than their supervisor's limit. Just know, you wont be able to get another credit for the same issue in the future.

Anything above the limits I posted, and you're going to get shot down. So don't ask for more than 3 months, and don't ask for more than 50% of your charges. Keep in mind all adjustments don't include tax, and would be off your main line only.

Also remember Sprint invests in its own network more than any other, so if there is a legitimate issue, and theres an open ticket, it will be fixed, If theres no ticket open, dont get off the phone until one is. If theres no ticket, it wont get fixed, bottom line.

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