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    ok i was on sprint contract through a friends account. now im not and wanting to know what is the best route to go for prepaid. I have a lg optimous android phone, will they let me use the phone i have and switch it to prepaid? next question is... from the little bit of research i've done is there is sprint prepaid is $50 a mo unlimited through boost, or $40 a mo unlimited through virgin mobile. I do a lot of texting, useing droid apps, and taking pics.

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    Re: changing from sprint contract to prepaid... help

    Purchase a prepaid phone that does not use Sprint as the service provider.

    Call your new cell phone service provider to activate your prepaid phone, using the contact information that came with your new phone.

    Request that your prepaid cell phone service provider contact Sprint to transfer your old phone number to your new prepaid phone. They will confirm your identity, and then process your request.

    Check to see if the new provider charges a fee to port your old phone number over to your new prepaid cell phone. They are permitted to charge you a just and reasonable service fee.

    Do not cancel your service with Sprint until you are positive that the number has been successfully ported to your prepaid phone.

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