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    I have been a 10+ year customer with Sprint and was absolutely amazed at the appalling level of customer service offered to me this morning.

    I am a business owner and rely heavily on my cell phone to conduct business. I was in a meeting with clients via conference call with my phone when it completely died. I left my meeting to head over to Best Buy, and then to the Sprint store to try to buy a new phone, under the same service agreement with Sprint, and was told that the contract over my phone was still 7 days out, and I would have to wait until that time was up before I could "upgrade." When I explained my situation- that I needed my phone to conduct business- and that I could not wait a day, let alone a week- I was told by 4 different service reps- including Chelsea the supervisor- with Sprint that there was nothing they could do and that I would have to wait for either the week to end, or to get my old phone repaired. What did I pay extra money for insurance coverage for? I'm supposed to go a whole week without a phone, or spend a whole week getting my phone repaired, after which I'd be eligible for a new phone?!? The utter lack of common sense and professionalism was amazing! And while speaking to the representatives of this company I was constantly interupted, argued with, and verbally cut off while trying to express the problem I was having.

    Sprint used to be a paragon of service. Now it seems they have forgotten that customers- not contracts, not phones- are what make you money. I will be switching my phone- as well as the cell phones of my 27 empoloyees- to one of their other competitors and will urge everyone else I know and deal with to do the same from here on out.

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    Re: Sprint + Customer Service = Oxymoron?

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    Since you're still in a contract, the options that I'm aware of are:

    1) Pay the insurance deductible. I'm not aware of Sprint's policy's, but I'm aware of a competitor that will just give you a new phone when paying the deductible. If Sprint requires the phone to be repaired, then you'd need to follow their policy.

    2) Purchase a new phone at full price, and try to negotiate with Sprint to credit your account the phone purchase price later on. This would get you a new phone right away, but can be risky if Sprint won't work with you and credit your account the cost of the phone. If you get the right person, they should have the ability to help you out somehow. If you were to do this, I'd email [email protected] and explain the situation. They might not help at first, but keep explaining your frustration and eventually I think they could do something about it. Again, this is the most risky option, and I wouldn't really recommend it, but I do think you'd eventually be able to get your account credited somehow.

    3) Purchase the phone at full price, and then "upgrade" to another phone, which you can then sell to get your money back for the phone you purchased at full price. It might be a hassle, but I understand you use your phone for business purposes, and I understand when you need a phone, you need it right away. This would get you a phone right away.

    4) You can switch to another carrier. Since there are only 7 days left in your contract, you wouldn't have a huge Early Termination Fee to pay. It would be discounted. It's possible you could even get it waived by emailing [email protected].

    It would be nice if the store representatives could use common sense, and had the ability to make adjustments. The smart move would be to allow you to upgrade right away, but change your upgrade date and make you wait an extra 7 days next time. Of course they don't have the ability to do that.

    I understand your frustration, and I truly hope you get this resolved. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

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