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    I am selling my Sprint "Free & Clear Plan 1500" plan. Though the name suggests that it has 1500 minutes/month, I have unlimited incoming minutes with free sprint mobile to any carrier mobile, so, essentially, an unlimited voice, text, and data plan. Monthly fee is only 27.49/month plus Sprint Surcharges and Government Fees & Taxes, which brings it to around $32-35/month. It also includes the blackberry pack. As this is an older plan, one simply needs to call sprint customer service to use it with their current phone, which may require getting the right rep, but it has been done hundreds of times. Following is what it includes:

    Free & Clear Plan 1500 - 1500 Local Airtime Minutes Included $29.99
    Employee Discount Sprint 25% -$7.50
    Unlimited Incoming Minutes $5.00
    Free Long Distance $0.00
    Unl Shared Nights/Weekends 6pm $0.00
    Mobile to Mobile Minutes - Unlimited Mobile To Mobile Min $0.00
    Sprint Data BlackBerry Pack $0.00

    I am just selling the plan, though I would be happy to include my used Blackberry curve with it. As Sprint unlimited plans go for $99.99 plus taxes for a total of $110/month, this would save someone $1,824 over a 2 year period. I am considering selling this plan for $250 or best offer and can accept PayPal. Please PM if interested! Thanks!

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    Re: Sprint Unlimited Plan for $35/Month!!

    I'm curious if you sold this? If so please post an update.

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