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    Having been a Virgin Mobile customer using the Sprint network for about 4 years I can report from personal experience that the coverage in this area is probably the worst of all carriers.

    Sprint has only one single tower for the entire county which is somewhat hilly. Coverage is poor to non-existing at the West and South edges of Putnam County. Also drops off in almost any building you enter.

    While the price is good, the coverage does not come close to living up to what is indicated on the coverage maps for this area.

    If you live in Palatka, where the one tower is you get decent service. If you spend most of your time there, then Virgin / Booste / Sprint are okay. If you use it for business or spend any time in the surrounding area avoid the Sprint network.

    See More: Service Rated for NE Florida. Putnam County 32177

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    Re: Service Rated for NE Florida. Putnam County 32177

    Thanks for the info!

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