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    If I went up to someone and said "Give me $60 bucks!" I would be standing tall before a judge for Strong Arm Robbery charges. Sprint sold me a Hotspot and is charging me $60 a month for a network which has averaged over 40% packet loss over the last 2 months of usage!!!!! Normally a functioning network should have no more than 2% packet loss!
    HOW CAN SPRINT call this a network when it does NOT MEET the criteria established for ANY NETWORK! A network is typically used to communicate DATA FROM POINT A TO POINT B and vice versa! Sprint's 3g/4g network DOES NOT DO THAT!! You see, 40% packet loss does not mean 60% of the data is getting through! When you see packet loss higher than 3% your network SLOWS DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY due to having to resend lost packets! When you have 40% packet loss, you literally are not getting ANY substantial data through. Examples of how CRAPPY this "network" is include NOT BEING ABLE TO LOAD A SINGLE WEBPAGE FOR OVER 30 MINUTES!!!
    On another note, WHOMEVER DESIGNED AND SOLD THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE HOTSPOT at Sierra Wireless NEEDS TO BE FIRED, NEUTERED, AND NEVER ALLOWED TO BREED!! This thing overheats in less than 10 minutes and will not function properly. If it is fully charged it does not function properly. Once the battery gets a little low, it does not function properly. So, you have about a 1 hour sweet spot, where you are LUCKY TO GET less than 30% packet loss! Sprint and Sierra Wireless, I can definitely see why the two TEAMED UP! TRASH usually runs with TRASH!
    To Say I am a DISAPPOINTED SPRINT CUSTOMER IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! If I did not care about jail time, I would be in Overland Park right now ASKING SOME TOUGH QUESTIONS of these IDIOTS on how they can look themselves in a mirror and not CRY!!!
    As a network engineer with over 25 years experience, I can tell you that Sprint should be charged with class action Strong Arm Robbery! Their CEO is actually in the commercials SMILING, which really irks me because people do not normally smile when they are RIPPING YOU OFF!!!
    As soon as I can, I am dumping Sprint and will NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM AGAIN! I will utilize probably way too much of my personal time to get the word out that SPRINT IS HORRIBLE IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY!!!!!
    Thanks for reading my RANT, but I want to PROMISE YOU, every word of this is TRUE! I cannot believe I signed a contract with these people! Absolutely frigging HORRIBLE SERVICE IN EVERY WAY!
    As for Sierra Wireless, you people need to start from scratch on your hardware design and please fire whoever is currently in charge of Hardware Design! Absolutely Shameful Performance from something that EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET SEEMS TO HAVE WORKING FINE, but Sierra Wireless TOTALLY MISSED THE BOAT! Where did you get your engineering degree? Cracker Jack Box? Find it on the sidewalk? Did your MOMMY give it to you after she home schooled you? Disgraceful in every way!!!

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    Re: Sprint's Network is nothing more than Strong Arm Robbery!!

    You should have been able to cancel within 14 days. They give you that time to try out their service.

    Sprint's network is known for not having the best data speeds. They are improving their network though.

    If you feel the device is defective, they should be able to exchange it if it is still under warranty, which it should be since you haven't had it for more than a year.

    You can visit: https://network.sprint.com/

    There you can see what improvements Sprint is making in your area.

    Also, there is Network Vision, which is another project (not shown on that website) where Sprint is making additional improvements to their network.

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